Detox for Health Levels 1 to 3

This no nonsense, BS free guide to detoxing supports your progress over 3 Workshops. Medical Medium Robert Acutt is going to get you into gear and on track detoxing, losing weight and getting healthy! Spread out over 7 weeks, Robert will track, measure and support your progress.


Take all the confusion out of what to eat, how to detox and identify simple ways to make a lifestyle change to lose weight and enjoy happy, healthy whole life living.

This series of workshops is guided by Medical Medium Robert Acutt, Energy Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner to help you create your own personal road map to glowing health.

Robert believes emotional balance, nutrition and energy medicine is a key and central part of his approach to whole-being health.

For the body, mind, heart and spirit to function optimally you need a dis-ease free state. Understand what vitamins and mineral your body needs for "fuel". Discover how to remove environmental toxins and energy blocks that are zapping your energy and stopping you from losing weight.

WHEN: All on a Tuesday, 6.45 - 9.00 pm as follows: - 


Level 1 -  21st of April

Level 2 -  12th of May

Level 3 - 3rd June

WHERE: This series is in Rangiora.


CHRISTCHURCH - Tuesdays  (Another Ticket link is available to book your ticket for ChCh)

Level 1 - 28th of April

Level 2 - 19th of May

Level 3 - 9th of June

TICKET: $99 for all 3 workshops.


Robert will give each person readings using Kinesiology to energetically investigate levels of heavy metals, food intolerances, mineral levels and identify your bodies vibration.

At this workshop you will uncover: -

• The signs that you need to detox
• Where environmental toxins come from
• How to reduce toxins like flouride, aluminium and mercury
• Why removing sugar will change your life
• The role of Chromium in sugar cravings
• Your heavy metal levels (Lead, Mercury, Aluminium, Arsenic)
• Your food intolerances (Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, Milk and Soy)
• Your mineral levels (Calcium, Magnesium Chromium Selenium)
• Foods that help remove heavy metal toxins
• Anti-cancer techniques, tools and food
• What Electro Acupuncture is for deeper healing investigations

This workshop is very practical and will give you a clear understanding of the signs you need to detox, why detoxing is critically important, the simple steps to detox and how to do it.

You will create your own personal road map to health by uncovering what foods you are intolerant to, avoiding debilitating illnesses, tracking your detox results through L1, L2 L3 workshop attendance. (Avoiding the NZ statistics of having the second highest rate of cancer per capita in the world.)

Robert clarifies the confusion, overwhelming and misleading information about fad diets and expensive products on the market.

You will leave this workshop empowered, knowing a clear road map to health. Take away simple ways to limit the amount of exposure to toxins and how to detox.


My family owned health food shops for over 10 years. This gave me a passion for holistic health, whole foods, detoxing, cancer prevention and complimentary therapies from a young age.

My studies have included 11 yrs of Alchemy Studies in the USA, Touch for health, Reiki, Auric magnetic healing, Kinesiology, Psychic Development, Muscle testing and 2 years of a 5-year course to be a doctor in energy medicine.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you at these Detox for Health workshops that pave the way for you to health and vitality.

Level 2 workshop will measure the results of your efforts to cleanse your body and begin your journey to high vibrational health.


This level 2 workshop will help you determine what food is right for your optimum health and energy. Robert will review each person's initial readings using Kinesiology to investigate detoxing improvements.

• At this workshop you will: -
• Review of progress from L1 Detox 4 Health
• Review of heavy metal toxicity levels
• Review of mineral levels
• Healing Food Categories
• What foods and drinks to avoid?
• Understand the simplicity of a balanced meal
• What to eat and How to Eat. Eat When You are Hungry.
• Review of stomach acid levels
• The importance of Organ Health
• EAV Machine for deeper investigations

This workshop is very practical and will help you cut through the confusion of what food to eat, which foods are healing, what foods and drinks are slowly killing you.

Discover the importance of organ health for optimum energy and vitality and your hydrochloric acid levels for optimum digestion will be a crucial discovery to living a happy, healthy whole life.

You will track your detoxification changes in heavy metals from L1, L2 and review any subtle changes you have noticed.


This level 3 workshop will involve identifying what your body requires to bring it back into its natural homeostasis state of balance.

Robert will review each person's L1 and L2 readings using Kinesiology. Level 3 is all about your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels.

• Discuss any changes & challenges
• Women's Hormonal Levels (Progesterone, Oestrogen)
• Men's Hormonal Levels (Testosterone)
• Progesterone levels for sleep and anti-anxiety
• Relationships of with your adrenal glands
• Organ health & balance
• What are the energy meridians and how they link to organs
• EAV demonstration and meridian health
• Where to from here?
• How to create a permanent lifestyle change

Now we will begin to see the full picture at level 3 of what it takes to live a life full of happy, healthy whole life living, free of energy zapping foods, having the right balance of vitamins and minerals and being free of heavy metal toxicity.

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