Pendulums, Chakras, Crystals & Spirit Guides (Rangiora in May)

Everything you need to know to blast yourself into the world of energy and intuition! Meet your spirit guides and begin a journey that will enhance your life, your energy, natural clairvoyant gifts and healing powers. Every Monday over 3 weeks in Rangiora.


Chakra Queen, Energy Healer and Holistic Life Coach, Anita Jackson will be your guide and teacher.

These 3 workshops will teach you to step into your clairvoyant powers with tools and knowledge that will blow your mind! 

Meet your spirit guides and begin a journey that will enhance your life, your energy, natural clairvoyant gifts and healing powers. 


This course will be presented every Monday over 3 weeks.: -
MONDAY 4th of May
Level 1 - Pendulums & Chakra Balancing
MONDAY 11th of May
Level 2 - Crystals & Chakras
MONDAY 18th of May
Level 3 - Your Spirit Guides & Energy Protection
TIME: 6.45 - 9 pm
WHERE: Holistic Health & Wellbeing, 13 Durham Street, Rangiora 7400


COST: $99 For all 3 workshops 

BRING: Your own pendulum and Oracle cards, or buy them on the night. 


LEVEL 1: Pendulum & Chakra Balancing

How to use a pendulum
Understand the rules
How to protect yourself and your home
Learn how to connect to your higher self 
How to get accurate answers without attachment
Learn ways your spirit guide can communicate to you
Detect your 7 energy centres - Chakras
Understand how to balance them with a pendulum
Balance your children and pets and other people

LEVEL 2: Crystals & Chakras

101 knowledge of Crystals
The power of crystals
Your basic crystal kit - what it should contain
Crystals for healing
Crystals for protection
Crystals for your chakras
How to increase your vibration with crystals
How crystal heal - their different properties & methods 
Chakra meditation using the power of crystals

LEVEL 3: Your Spirit Guides & Protection 

Discover your spirit guide/s
Communicate and receive messages
Understand how spirit communicates to you
Chakra balancing & using your body as a pendulum
Choose food & supplements via your bodies intelligence
Understand how energy works from you to others 
Cutting your chords
Clearing your aura
Protecting yourself from negative energy 

After you complete this course you are ready to do PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT run by Robert Acutt gifted clairvoyant to develop your psychic abilities of: - seeing, sensing, hearing, healing and channeling. 


“I can’t wait to share this event with you. What you will learn on this course is so powerful and fun too! I started this way and now I am amazed every day how fast I help my clients heal and how fast my clairvoyant powers have evolved."

Hundreds of people have benefited from the combined wisdom of this dynamic couple. Helping support people in Australia and New Zealand to go from feeling lost, being tired, drained and on an unhealthy path to; happy, healthy, whole life living. 

The fun, informative and interactive workshops Rob & Anita have created set people on a new path bringing change, excitement and healing.

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